Dec 272014
Using Akamai to Offload 99.99% of Total operational usage

What is Offloading? Offloading is in gist, transferring the resource consumption from one infrastructure to another without affecting the overall functionality of the service and retaining full control over the transactional components. Therefore offload is never 100% unless you have 100% static website. However it can be close to 100% even for dynamic sites. We know that […]

Dec 172014

Classic overflow problem. Bottom-line is that it’s all about IO…. Logs hit both memory and disk. I should learn to take my own advice. I have always minimized disk hits on my server instead of starting with database caching code. Recently one of my projects server received higher than normal traffic and it killed the […]

Feb 072014

I was trying out the new PHP SDK for AWS and relearning the methods. While it works well on AWS I was a bit confused with DHO documentation and AWS docs. I wanted to use the SDK but with DHO. There are advantages to the new library which you can explore. Some of the tasks […]

Feb 022014

This is something I missed myself and discovered recently.  Happens to anyone. What you experience is that despite having Gbps port and the provider confirming it you are not able to see that speed in Up/Down. You will also observe packet loss at the last/first mile on your service side. The fix is simple.   […]

Feb 022014
Before signing up with the provider, test their network

A lot of providers will sell you 1 Gbps port with oodles of bandwidth. A test file download to boot. For most people that seems to be enough. That is incorrect in most cases. Having good speed and bandwidth is just one piece of the cake you never ate. You can have a lot of […]

May 142013
Dreamhost , entire sh*t down for several hours now

As I have mentioned several times I now only use dreamhost for parking. and Keeping some of my older sites and databases as they are irrelevant.  Dreamhost has been down for several hours. I mean the entire Dreamhost   The US-WEST as they call it now actually hosts majority of the users. From what […]

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May 042013

Let me quickly review what I found so far about DreamObjects.   First the good stuff   Using Apache Benchmark (yeah, screw you naysayers, it is what I have installed on my Fedora box) compared Amazon US-West and DreamObjects HTTP GET of a jquery file (90.5KB). I used AWS West (North California) region because dreamhost […]

May 042013

I happened to login to Dreamhost Control panel today to setup email forwarding. I  have mentioned before that the Dreamhost hosting I have is so pathetic that now its even impossible to host simple non DB websites. Forget the DB websites all together. It is slow as frack. It’s completely and utterly useless and has […]

Apr 122013
Linode: Upgrades memory to double. Effectively half price per VPS

Recently I posted about Linode’s Network and Hardware improvement project at no additional cost to customers. Linode has further announced not more than a week ago that they will double the Memory allocated per plan. For example I started out on a Linode 768 about 2 years ago and upgraded to 1GB plan for 40$/month […]

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Apr 042013
Linode update: Great improvement over the past few weeks

I have posted earlier about Linode and it’s lack of performance on my node as time went by.  However in the recent few weeks it has been back to top performance and I did not change anything. In fact I added two more sites to it. Linode has made a whole bunch of improvements recently:   Improved […]