Apr 122013

Recently I posted about Linode’s Network and Hardware improvement project at no additional cost to customers. Linode has further announced not more than a week ago that they will double the Memory allocated per plan.

For example I started out on a Linode 768 about 2 years ago and upgraded to 1GB plan for 40$/month approximately. According to the latest upgrades I will be on 2G memory soon. Most DC VPS  have already been upgraded except for Fremont DC for which there is no ETA at this time.

Effectively I have doubled my VPS capacity over the year at t he same price.

Here is a breakdown of the latest plans from Linode

Plan RAM Disk XFER CPU Price
Linode 1G 1 GB 24 GB 2 TB 8 cores (1x priority) $20 / mo
Linode 2G 2 GB 48 GB 4 TB 8 cores (2x priority) $40 / mo
Linode 4G 4 GB 96 GB 8 TB 8 cores (4x priority) $80 / mo
Linode 8G 8 GB 192 GB 16 TB 8 cores (8x priority) $160 / mo
Linode 16G 16 GB 384 GB 20 TB 8 cores (16x priority) $320 / mo
Linode 24G 24 GB 576 GB 20 TB 8 cores (24x priority) $480 / mo
Linode 32G 32 GB 768 GB 20 TB 8 cores (32x priority) $640 / mo
Linode 40G 40 GB 960 GB 20 TB 8 cores (40x priority) $800 / mo


Not long ago (2 years) that first plan was basically 512MB RAM with 10GB disk and about 100GB bandwidth at $19.95. There is that 5 cent difference but honestly it makes no difference. I am so used to shit resources everywhere else that this an all star customer service already.

Linode has finally come back to the charts with their latest upgrades and pricing. Linode is a very powerful VPS platform that supports stackscripts which is a glorified shell script in essence. It is quite similar to what we do with install/buildbot scripts (or chef / puppet etc for the jargon babbling crowd) and does help you get started quickly.

I was beginning to wonder, not too long ago, if I should just trash the expensive VPS and go for a dedi as it would be cheaper. Not to mention AWS is already a good choice if Linode has stuck to their resource vs. pricing plans. Whoever is the new BDM or incharge in Linode doing this, good work. At least you no longer walk with your eyes closed.

If you look at the 4G mark where most dedicated servers start you will see that the price is actually competitive and given that it’s a vps on a superior platform it would be a better choice that going for Low-mid range Dedicated server at this price. Secondly most Dedicated server stop at 10TB bandwidth but Linode has good network and is already exceeding by 60% at 8G Linode.

Linode also has a good set of tools and wiki help guides on several sysadmin topic, including the one I found most useful when I was stuck with a memory to disk swap issue : Identifying and fixing memory issues. I mean I have been used to my 12-24GB ram servers so one tends to forget 😀 Plus I haven’t really setup apache2 servers in a very… very long time.

source: Linode Blog


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Apr 042013

I have posted earlier about Linode and it’s lack of performance on my node as time went by.  However in the recent few weeks it has been back to top performance and I did not change anything. In fact I added two more sites to it.

Linode has made a whole bunch of improvements recently:


Improved network performance

Increase in Data Transfer by 1000%. yes. I used to get 400GB but now I have 4TB outbound, inbound is always free. It seems the CPU is also much better though it seems there is either upgrade or move of some accounts around. I will need to do a reboot to get the improvement apparently, according to their blog post on March 18th.

Linode did improve their network for my own experience

CPU Upgrades

Now they are going ahead to add better CPU on nodes by upgrading them to 8 cores. Currently webmin is reporting I am still on 4 cores L5520

The thing about Linode is that they do upgrade and they do it for free. In one year the disk space increased by 50% and bandwidth by over 2000%. Unlike some hosts who are only interested in keeping you on old shit and charging you more for the same stuff.


Linode CPU upgrades, before reboot

Linode CPU upgrades, before reboot screenshot

Going ahead with reboot…



2mins later.


holy shit. it’s 8 cores. Linode does it again. These upgrades Linode is doing is absolutely free. Considering that the Dreamhost shared host I use is still on the same hardware for at least 4 straight years and you can actually distinguish between crawling 2012 and crawling 2013 this is commendable. On a sidenote , the only thing that works well on Dreamhost for me is their Mail server… aptly named “homie”.


Their blog post said E5-2670 as the new processor. I don’t see it yet but then it could be webmin. Will check on this in detail. But heck at the free upgrade to 8 core I am not complaining.

Given the current upgrades at linode I am planning to move one of my dedicated host with 8 sites over to Linode to solve my problem with european providers who are now buying gold chains with your IP address money.


linode after reboot cpu upgrade 8 core

linode after reboot cpu upgrade 8 core



I just like saying proof. proof.


source Linode Blog

affiliate note: I have slapped Linode before. I am pretty frank about it because there are enough aff based posts about each host to screw all our collective brains. I use aff links when available and it gets me money off my own hosting at Linode. It does not make me rich and it does not cost you more, so feel free to click … or not.

Apr 032013

For the past few years websites have really grown and outgrown. If expired domains is any indication there are more websites born than babies on this planet everyday. Or perhaps more websites dying than people on this planet. Ok I made those stats up but hey 79% of all stats a re made up right?

Well what I have seen is that it is not websites that are becoming popular over the past few years. The trend has been towards services. I am not just thinking SaaS and stuff. Those are covered by “whitepapers” already. I am thinking nexusmods. A simple service to download game mods. I do run a fairly new games news portal and forum (like 3 months old…. remember babies) over at http://gamingio.com My interest in games go far back…really far like 1985 far. I work on web services everyday at work but I want to see some websites so I make them. End of the day what really matters is the service, the value add. Websites have done that and it’s getting old. Stuff likes news, blog etc is done to death. There is still ample room for new websites with new ideas. The real winner is web service.

Steam DB is amazing ref: http://gamingio.com/2013/03/mortal-kombat-9-and-many-other-games-steam-achievements-spotted/ see the schema someone has drawn up. It has so much information to play around with. Steam has a usable web service.

Web services are becoming the norm for many hosted apps as well. For e.g. when I used zendesk or aws I barely access the site. Most of it is done via web services. There is no standard to these things and web services is still a lot of stuff to cover and everyone has their own idea of how to do things.


A few months back I started working on my own web service. Nothing big , just something I wanted to use personally inspired by nexusmods and steam db. Idea is to put together a database of games and mods and allow it be publicly accessible or data submitted, merged etc. Anyone can query it. I could enable file downloads as well and in my test so far it all works ok. I just don’t have any background in windows or software development to make a GUI anyway. Perhaps others can find it useful.

I don’t have any game data yet but I will be making the API publicly available. I am hoping to get volunteers to help fill in the gaps.

In the next post i will put up the URL and some sample queries. I dont yet have a way of letting everyone send game data for the DB but I can work on that.


Other thing I realized that the GamingIO forums does have an API from IPB (the forum software we use) but I haven’t looked into whether it has a downloads API.  Either one should work for my purposes though the forum one would be simpler.