Sep 232016

For the first time I have started using LVM on my home server and things have been alright for an year. I am able to resize, replace disks , expand size of my mount points or move mount to a new disk without any trouble at all. While its not relevant I am using CentOS […]

Jun 082016

Finally I signed up for Google Cloud free trial. I wanted to setup game servers in a way that I could manage it better. I found AWS EC2 was not up to the task and to get even a usable performance for a single game instance I would need to shell out 25$ a […]

Jun 082016

Experiment I ran using AWS Cloud with OpenVPN seems to suggest Yes. It reduces latency for very bad routes. for e.g. 250 MS from Singapore to Australia is common for cheaper ISP in Australia. By using AWS I was able to get connectivity to a better provider in AU and hop off of that and that […]

Apr 282016

After years of not having to deal with AWS except for my pet projects , I decided to visit the AWS Summit in Singapore. Its right here, I thought great time to join and learn some Lambda as well as Lumberyard/gamelift. Suffice to say, I was disappointed all together at the future of Amazon Web […]

Sep 252015

Sometime ago I wrote about my backup woes. I have used backblaze and crashplan simultaneously for backups of my PC and Crashplan for my Mac/Linux. While I could have easily created my own backup with Amazon S3 or Google Drive or One drive et al, a cost analysis shows that Backblaze was the MOST cost […]

May 312015
Linode users get phishing emails

DNS hijacking or plain host hijacking is pretty common these days. It’s a safe low-tech attack to get username and passwords of key hosting accounts. Recently I received an email that was 10/10 where quality of Phishing emails applies. None of the broken English words, in fact see the screenshot. Well written with an official […]

Apr 092015

Ever since I found Backblaze, and I don’t know why I did not find it earlier, I have been quite happy with money well spent. I currently have 4 USB drives apart from 2.5TB internal space. This totals to a lot of space and I only use 4Tb of it. This is my home setup. […]

Apr 062015

I am bored. I have decided to code for WordPress but instead of using the regular code base I am going to write a fork which is AWS specific or rather cloud specific API like Ceph Object storage API if possible. You could theoretically  re use the code base from AWS S3 on to other platforms like […]

Dec 272014
Using Akamai to Offload 99.99% of Total operational usage

What is Offloading? Offloading is in gist, transferring the resource consumption from one infrastructure to another without affecting the overall functionality of the service and retaining full control over the transactional components. Therefore offload is never 100% unless you have 100% static website. However it can be close to 100% even for dynamic sites. We know that […]